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Beautiful! It is what I would have done with my car if I had a lot more than $400 to play with. Its the best automobile aero I have seen on anything outside of a few solar racers. The only place where I can see that the aero that could be improved is installing front wheel well skirts, doing some more cleanup on the leading and trailing edges of the wheels, and taping up some of the coroplast seams on the underside. He has a rear wheel boattail, but it could be made more aggressive (extend closer to the ground) and built of inexpensive, flexible materials that could be easily repaired or replaced if they gets damaged by road debris. It looks like he has some visibility out of the rear window, the lack of which is a fault in many aero designs, but is needed if they are to mix with heavy traffic. My local cops would have problems with those covered license plates (especially with the one displayed in the front window). With that stretched wheel base, I wonder how large the turning circle is? From the info on that EV page, it looks like this car was designed specifically for EV competitions rather than for use as a daily driver. If it can go 200 miles on lead acid batteries, I wonder what the range would be on lithium batteries. If it behaves anything like my car, with 3000+ lbs and its low Cd, unless there is some maximum allowable rpm on the electric motors, it should easily be able to exceed 65mph in a coast on any slight downhill.

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