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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Couple of things you're missing. First is that in 2009 America, wealth would also buy you a Tesla. Indeed, it's wealth that allowed the Tesla to be built. (And in 2010 America, wealth won't buy you a new Hummer.)

Second is that you notice that portion of the "wealthy" (which, with Hummers, extends well down into middle-class territory) who decide to drive a Hummer, but you don't notice the ones who don't. How many wealthy people were early adopters of the Prius?

There are some stupid rich people out there, who inherited their wealth, or made it in some way - like sports or popular "music" - in which intelligence isn't a requirement. But there are also plenty of smart ones.
James,I agree with what you say.
And while the Lotus Elise isn't the worst platform out there ( I realize Tesla wants to do a Sports Car first ) something better could be generated I feel.
You could just start with R.G.S.White's recipe for a low-drag car from 1968 and go from there.
Honda did it with their P-100 in 1972 and it helped them achieve 173-mpg.
We've learned a lot since 1913,and "if we could apply real aerodynamics to a family car" ( Alex Tremulis ) along with contemporary materials technology,We'd have cars on the street achieving only what concept cars have done so far.
Since wealthy people have such an influence on our culture,they'd be in a position to really get people to re-think their thoughts about transportation and expectations as they already do with consumer electronics,telecommunications,etc..
Store's closing,gotta go.Thanks for comments,will catch up as I can.
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