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Turtle ScanGauge Alternatives

EDIT: I cant post links yet... the PLX kiwi mpg is $90 or less and the Maxitrip is $70 on amazon.

So I'm about to start college and I'll be driving over 120mmiles a day so I did some google searches to increase gas mileage and I found this hypermiling idea and general tips for better gas mileage. I see a huge amount of people recommend the scan guage 2 and I can definitely see the benefits to such a device, but with its hefty price tag I was wandering what it has that's beneficial to mpg increase compared to some others?

Almost half as the price but this one has a lot of obvious features missing.

Autel MaxiTrip TP100
This is the one I'm much more likely to purchase until someone sways my mind! I can't find many differences in this one and the ScanGuage 2

Thanks in advance.

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