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to express

Originally Posted by Bicycle Bob View Post
People use cars to express their values. Most of the money spent on them is wasted to show off wealth. A peacock's tail is mostly liability, but the peahens like it, so it became essential.
Bob,I agree.
It has been written,that at the close of the Indian Wars in the U.S.,that with the 'Frontier' 'closed' by around 1900.that Madison Ave. came into it's own,creating a virtual frontier for Americans to go to,driven by all the human frailty observed since Sumerian times,driven mostly by fear.
Very early automobile advertising is absolutely amazing to read,as the themes conveyed have nothing whatsoever about the utility of transport.
Power,prestige,potency,success,sex,intelligence,su periority,exclusivity,-------------- it just goes on and on.
Just like today.It's that George Santayana thing.We haven't learned a ___ _____ thing from the past.
And we're comfortable trading peacock feathers for soldiers.
Needs/ wants. No distinction.

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