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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
I'm not too keen on the peacock analogy, too many folks may see a cop-out opportunity there "hey it's in my genes, whaddawant?" While there are plenty examples of human societies that have learned to cherish thrift, respect for limited resources, utility.

I'm sure each has their own version of "peacockness" but I'd be willing to guess that just being "good" and acting in the villages best interests can have appeal at a societal and genetic level.
My straw poll for around here,infers that the notion of 'good guys finish last' is firmly entrenched.
Random acts of kindness by men are viewed with homophobic suspicion.
When Chris Paine was here,he showed us a clip from the Simpson's movie he'd purchased for his next movie.
The clip has a Prius driving down Main Street Springfield,while the men are diving off the sidewalk attempting not to see it for fear of turning gay.
Smoky and the Bandit,The Fall Guy,Bullet,The Dukes of Hazard,Fast and the Furious,Demolition Man,etc. have had lasting impact on America culture.
Since there is no 'rights of passage' into adulthood,Madison Ave.,and Hollywood can have a field day ----ing with peoples sense of self,never knowing if they have 'made it.'
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