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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post

I've noticed that in the region I'm visiting there are vast quantities of "exotic" and "luxury" vehicles, vs where I'm from where Benz', Porsches, Bentleys, Ferraris, etc. are so rarely seen they basically don't exist. Seems a little strange to me that the first thing one does when they get some money (or even worse, some access to credit!) is run out and buy an expensive vehicle. Were I to get a windfall, I'd put it into a house, or a trip, or something that really makes an impact in my life. What people don't seem to appreciate is that nobody gives a rat's *** about them and what they are in out on the street!

Picked up a magazine lately?

Unfortunately, people do give a rat's patootie what others are doing/driving/eating/taking home/sleeping with, etc. It's got a name - Keeping up with the Jones'.
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