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Originally Posted by 99LeCouch View Post
Yeah, there are much better things to use the money for than an ostentatious guzzler. Like a solar panel and wind farm for your custom Tesla. And giving a pet engineer free reign to make said Tesla go 200 miles on a charge while flooring it from every f'ing stoplight in southern Cali kind of crazy.

If I had 10 billion dollars that's what I'd do with it. Of course the enviro-whackos funded by Big Oil would say the endangered Spotted Lesser Bumblebird lives in my backyard where the solar/wind farm to charge the Tesla would go, and the neighbors across the valley would say the windmills ruin the view from their second bathroom.

Every time a rich person wants to do something truly eccentrically good for the planet, they get a bunch of little yapping dogs yapping how much it'll destroy something. And so we get the status quo extended to its logical, wasteful extremes.
Dr.Michael Seal,at Western Washington University built a series of 'Viking' cars.There were a few paid assistants,quite a bit of grant money,and student labor was discounted.
That said,they were constructing 100 mpg cars for crash-testing for in the neighborhood of $100,000.
Simplistically,and not doing the adjustment for inflation,these cars were constructed for what the U.S.Treasury allows for a tax deduction on a Hummer H2.
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