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Turtle Haaaaaay

I'm Cody and I'm new! I live about 30minutes north of Tampa Florida...

I found this site just googling for general driving tips/mods for better gas mileage and you guys got me forking out over $100 for a SG2 in the first 2 hours or reading!

I just sold my thirsty v8 Lexus to buy a 98 civic ex since my commute is going from 16 miles round trip to 120+ 5 days a week! The civic has its stock d16y8 with a short air intake, exhaust system, lowering springs, and carbon fiber hood. There are other mods but aren't beneficial/detrimental to fuel economy.

I find it easy to get 30-35mpg out of the civic but I drive like a grandpa most of the time. With the sg2 and the downgrade(or upgrade?) to HX wheels with super light weight lug nuts (3 weight the same as 1 oem lug and cost $150 but i got them for FREE) and increased tire pressure, I'm hoping to get 45mpg. This seems like a steep 30% increase but im shooting for it! I never knew of lean burn mode so that will help as well.

All my experiments will start next week after I get the new car registered and my SG2 .

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