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For my sepex motor, 72 V continuous on the field would burn it out, so be careful about putting that much voltage directly on the field. Sepex controllers will very temporarily put higher voltage on the field, but just briefly for a burst of acceleration or regen. A rule of thumb from Lee Hart (EV god) was a sepex is often designed to run the field at about 1/3 of the armature voltage.

Series and shunt motor controllers in theory are interchangable.

To drive a shunt motor off a series wound motor controller you would only attach the controller to the motor armature and the batteries would attach directly to the motor field through a contactor, this would obviously cause some limitations but would work although speed/rpm and power selection would be very limited.

Also much of your design work has already been done on the open revolt controller (paul and sabrina have a thread on it) If you really want to plagurize Or you could look at their design and refine and modify it for your purposes then present it back here when done of coarse
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