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ATmega168-20PU (I think that means it can go up to 20 MHz)

SR controller uses dsPIC30F4011.
The status is, the board is done, but not fabbed. Here's the dilemma... I want to get Eagle, so ordering boards can be done much cheaper, but it's $1000. Ordering boards from the free software company is really expensive, and the other company that will let me order from them, needs a bunch of screen shots of the pcb to be able to write it in their own pcb editor I think. I just need to do that.

The point is, the board is just sitting there bored! hahaha.

I have a fully assembled control board from the first SR controller that won't work, because I used the wrong type of DC-DC converter for the high side drive. I've tested the VLA-15151 DC-DC as a high side power supply for the charger, and it works great.
kits and boards
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