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Great thread. Here are a few ideas for things an EV can do better:
  • Instantaneous traction control -- an electric motor can react far faster than exploding dinosaurs in a gas motor
  • Less time lost to shifting
  • You are always in the "right" gear (you want to rev the electric motor high for efficiency, so no time lost for downshifting)
  • Robot recharge -- drive over a power connector so you don't even have to plug in, or a small robot finds a plug and plugs you in
  • Falling torque curve in constant power mode gives an inherent form of traction control -- as the motor speeds up torque drops
  • Quieter means more feedback to the driver for hard cornering or hard launches in racing
  • Redundancy for reliability is easier to do -- you could do 8 motors, 8 controller, and 8 separate battery packs
  • Smaller size of the EV motor allows for more packaging options, such as behind the rear axle or putting it into the driveshaft tunnel
  • You can work on the car right after a drive without burning yourself, and if you burn yourself that's a diagnostic something is wrong!
  • Things are less likely to vibrate loose, as the electric motor is smoother
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