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The $500 Electric Car
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I've thought about this a lot in the past as well, and one thing I think that an EV has an advantage over gas cars is the stored electrical energy. One hobby I used to have was car audio. There are a few disadvantages to building the ultimate car stereo based on the fact that it has to run on 12 volts. Oddly, there is a bit of crossapplications I have already benefited from: my accessory battery is a highly sought after battery for car audio enthusiasts: the exide orbital . It can be stored in any position because it is completely sealed, it has a low internal resistance, and it keeps a higher resting voltage. I like it because it keeps my windshield wipers going at a good rate versus a traditional battery. Anyway, more to the point: I think a car audio enthusiast could greatly benefit from an EV in a bunch of different ways. He/she could give up range to have the best car audio setup in town!
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