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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Yes, the first VW 1L car got 283mpg (0.83L/100km), and it had a single cylinder 8.5HP diesel engine, so I'm sure it was pretty close to glacial...

Remember that the X-Prize is requiring 100mpg on an EPA Combined test -- not a ecodrive on the highway. This is a big difference. We'll see how many cars/vehicles can manage it.

The Edison2 Very Light Car is 650 pounds -- a little *less* than the VW 1L car, and it has a ~40HP turbocharged 250cc engine running E85 and they have devised a special throttleless intake/exhaust recirculation system that makes it as efficient as possible. And they got 83.3mpg.

We have no "official" results from anybody else. you remember the Volkswagen ARVW from the late 1970s?
I don't have my materials with me,but it seems like that 'car' was getting 70+ mpg at 90-mph,and still around high 17s at over 200 mph.
That was at Cd 0.15.
My gut tells me that if 'adequately-powered' the 1-liter would still be a 'rock-star' of mpg for a commuter vehicle.
My CRX has only 60-Bhp but I can get up to freeway speed on any on-ramp,no problemo.
I haven't seen the Edison car,I'll have to check that out.Thanks!
P.S. these cars could run two-abreast in an H.O.V.Lane.

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