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The big hurtle seems to be range and time for charging. MIT recently developed some LiFePO batteries that could recharge in like 15 seconds. The problem would be the power source, but that's not a big deal I think. If charging stations could be equipped with similar type battery banks, they could dump their energy into a waiting car possibly faster than a gas car could fill up. So it may well be that evenually we are all laughing about how it used to take 5 minutes to fill up on gas, and now it only takes 15 seconds. hahaha.

Hey, since it's electrical energy, maybe the roads could transmit energy that to the car while you drive. Try that with gas...
For example, at MIT again (dang, they do a lot) they lit a 60w light bulb from a power source that was 7 feet away.
MIT Scientists Show How To Light A Bulb Wirelessly -- Wireless Power -- InformationWeek

What would gas cars do? Maybe in the future, you could chuck gas cans at them while they are driving. hahahaha.
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