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Question Getting frustrated by lack of prior Aero modded Camry's

In searching for aero mods on this site and others including Toyota Nation I find little
(97-01) Camry specific aero mods besides lowering and body kits that combined would cost more then the car is worth.

Camry CE, 5 speed was rated at 32 (old) 29 hwy (new) EPA, weighs just shy of 3000lbs and has a Cd of .3. Local mpg down low 20's as its a "midsize" heavy car.

With millions sold I was hoping there would be more examples of mods done and tested.
I am looking for help and suggestions to improve aero/reduce Cd on my 2000 Camry CE(Cheap Edition) . Why a Camry? Because they ride smooth and quiet(great for long hauls) easy to maintain/fix(not often), can pull 2000lbs when needed, fits 3 sons and I comfortably for a few hours drive. (Every try driving a few hrs in a noisy, rattling tin can with 3 kids?)

Below I list what I have already done to the car that is NON-aero and I am a experienced Hyper Miler, used to get 29 mpg on my '74 Celica back in the early 80's.
PLEASE lets keep this thread to AERO mods.

So far I have achieved 35 mpg on almost pure hwy runs of 550-600 hundred of miles.
(I live in Maine and still maintain a consulting practice in NY, NJ, CT)

205/70-15 Yokohama Avid Touring S tires approx 6.3% oversize diameter.
Removed mud flaps.
Removed stock airbox/intake and installed basic cone filter with 3" pipe with cone filter
Discount Air Intake - 2000 Toyota Camry CE 4 Cyl 2.2L Air Intakes

Semisynthetic 5/30w motor oil and synthetic 75/90w gear oil in manual tranny.

2000 Toyota Camry Photos and Colors
2000 Toyota Camry Standard Equipment and Specs

Easier(as in inexpensive and doable) aero mods I plan to do.
1. Flat or racing moon hubcaps
2. upper grille delete
3. install mud flaps in front of wheel wells for now.
4. Remove passenger wiper arm/blade
5. Remove passenger side mirror and install small interior blind spot mirror.
6. Change drivers side mirror to a more aero racing type.
7. Coroplast under body front panel
8. Coroplast under body rear panel.
9. Front airdam/lower grille block/s

Wish list aero mods:
1. Rear Wheel skirts
2. Side skirts
3. Partial Kamelback. (not likely unless I get to retire early!)

Short term goal is 38 mpg, wish list goal is 40 mpg.

My overall goal is to keep the Camry as my long range cruiser and add a
used hybrid for around town/local and wifes work drive.

Any thoughts, guidance, links greatly appreciated.

MPG Madman, Pete

2000 Camry CE 5 speed 128+K. Best 37.0, Goal is to break thru 36 consistently(Attained). New Goal 38.
ScanGauge II, Unibrow(1 wiper) Air Intake, Mud flap delete, 3.5+" Front Spoiler, Full Moon Hubcaps(Lost). Upper Grille block. (New and improved Fall edition)
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