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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
Even if there aren't a lot of aeromodded Camries on this site or elsewhere, most of the mods done here will apply to your car. The only mods specific to sedans are trailing end aeromods, like an extended Kammback, or adjustments to your spoiler.

I think you'll find the grille block provides the biggest bang for the buck. I would also move the rear wheel skirts up the list. They shouldn't be too hard to do.

If you have fairings behind your tires and a smooth underbody, you probaby won't need the air dam and side skirts. If the underside of the car is smooth and orderly, there's not too much need to reduce airflow under the car.

I'm glad to see a madman here. Welcome.
I dunno about the boldfaced part above: Hucho shows an Opel Calibri in wind tunnel, depicted on this website, and the airflow is definitely not front-to-back under the car. In fact, due to bow wave effect, the smoke stream diverts ~60 degrees oblique and on at an angle into the inner sides of the front wheels/tires, then turbulently past and out into the slipstream beside the car. So, inwardly canted fairings could make a major improvement for the front wheels, and surely also fairings for the rear wheels, in both cases with the fairings properly aligned into the relative wind.
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