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Check my posts on the 2002 Q45 grille block and underbelly pan. proved to be worth about 3+ mpgs for me.
You are running a SG and that is really my opinion. You against the GAUGE!!! in real time. Not guessing on the gas gauge needle and waiting for the next fill up.
THe size up on the tires is also a winner for me. btw, what is your rpm at 60mph?
I'm at 1812 rpm at 60mph.
You didnt mention tire preesure? when I am on a road trip I run 49psi. around town I run 40. (i like the ride)
I would redo your check list: 2, 7, 8, 1.
If you do 7 edge to edge, there really is no reason to do a dam. you've smoothed uot where the air goes.
I intalled the IMPUL body kit several yrs before I found this site. ANd would still run it. I just happen to really like the look AND there is 'some' aero gain. What really helped the MPG was that the underbelly pan sealed all the edges so the air flows smoothly.

You certainly have the right attitude so GOOD LUCK and Welcome!
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