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Many thanks, that is awesome information for me. Got it about overloads need to be just briefly.
Originally Posted by Plamenator View Post
I did not realise you have such an old motor - it was produced 10-12 years ago. I though you have one of the new models.
Most of my comments are still valid though yours is class F (135-195C).

Your motor is most likely the ETH 20/96/40 so 20kW/96V/4000rpm.
Should be fine for higher voltage too with the modifications but generally do not exceed 120V.
The sepex coils are usually wound to work continuously at 1/3 of nominal voltage with 10-15A. Then you can overload by increasing sepex voltage within 33-100% of nominal. Armature voltage should be increased in proportion to field voltage. This is what the controller usually does.
Assuming you will go to 120V, you can run the armature at full voltage with continuous 190-200A. The field is rated to run at 32V so going to 120V would quadrupple the amps and it will overheat very quickly - probably within 2-3min. If field is seeing 3-4 times its nominal, the armature should too be overloaded 3-4 times. This is meant to be short term (racing?) overload condition not continuous.

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