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Thanked 3 Times in 3 Posts has some really good conversion tutortial videos.

My humble suggestions:
  • Price ~$15
  • Moving cars and parts! I like the YouTube videos that show the car moving right away, rather than making you wait through minutes of slow motion pans for a 10 second drive at the end.
  • Make it snappy and talk quickly. Around 3 seconds for a scene and you have the point, move to the next thing. Title and ending credits can be short (someone really interested in copying the URL at the end can pause).
  • No need to show every step. Just one bolt, just one cable, etc. is fine, the viewer can assume you finished the rest.
  • Safety as #1. No standing in front of spinning wheels, safety glasses on when working on batteries, etc.
  • It's fun to change scenes on music drumbeats, particularly if going through a series of stills.
  • Many cameras have automatic sound gain, so the volume gets turned up until the faint EV noises seem to be loud. You can edit down the sound volume in the video, or have some background music on the radio, or be talking to show how quiet an electric is.
  • Talk up the good points, like can't stall the motor, how easy it is to refuel (10 seconds to plug in).
  • Zoom in on acceleration and zoom out on braking to give a better sense of motion. Tach and speedo shots are neat, too.

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