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Hey Everyone,
I don't have the logic side done as yet, i'm waiting on the next incarnation that will include CAN, but i've got a need to order some parts for my ebike from Digikey, and I figgured I may as well order the powerside capacitors at the same time.

I need some help with Capacitor selection. I've got 4x Powerex CM400DU-12F Modules which i'm going to be using for the build. I have a target voltage of 288v+, which will require 400v+ caps.

adamj12b has said he's using Panasonic TS-ED caps. 6 for each IGBT, 560uF each 400V.
(The Australian Electric Vehicle Asn: IGBT Group buy for open source controllers)

But before I purchase the same caps, I'd like to understand how we select apropriate capacitors. The Soliton1 advertises that it has: "Cutting edge capacitor: State of the art ultra low loss 600V film capacitor. No electrolytics to dry out and fail!"

What kind of film capacitor would they be talking about - I checked wikipedia, and there is a plethora of film caps.

I asked on AEVA what properties I should look for in higher voltage caps, and MCUDogs gave the response: "It's the cap properties, ESR, ripple current and temperature. "

Now i'm asking why these properties?

I'm assuming we want a cap that will operate in high temp environments.

on a side note, I'm going to look at a donor car tonight... oh the excitement (1992 Toyota MR2)!

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