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Originally Posted by bigh View Post
The Soliton1 advertises that it has: "Cutting edge capacitor: State of the art ultra low loss 600V film capacitor. No electrolytics to dry out and fail!"

What kind of film capacitor would they be talking about - I checked wikipedia, and there is a plethora of film caps.

A while back I looked into the Capacitors that Soliton Controllers used.

They are using CORNELL DUBILIER TYPE 947C Film Capacitors. I am not sure of the capacitance value that they are using. Their high-voltage and high-current ratings allows one or a few of them to replace a whole bank of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Don't be shocked on the cost of them, one (1) capacitor will cost you between $125 - $225 depending on it's capacitance value.


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