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Originally Posted by sawickm View Post

A while back I looked into the Capacitors that Soliton Controllers used.

They are using CORNELL DUBILIER TYPE 947C Film Capacitors. I am not sure of the capacitance value that they are using. Their high-voltage and high-current ratings allows one or a few of them to replace a whole bank of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Don't be shocked on the cost of them, one (1) capacitor will cost you between $125 - $225 depending on it's capacitance value.

Actually, the lower capacity ones have higher ripple current. You want the highest ripple current as you can afford.

The maximum ripple of the controller will be full current (500A for the normal controller) at 50% duty cycle. You will want a % of this total to be able to be available in the caps. Ive heard mixed percentages, between 5 and 25% but 50% wouldn't hurt. Just make the caps run cooler.

Also, the film caps last longer. They are rated for 5000 hours at 85C.

Here is one that Im looking at for my IGBT controller....too many decisions....Digi-Key - 338-1398-ND (Manufacturer - 947C361K801CAMS)

$102 each and 72A RMS ripple current.

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