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Planned 97 Metro Eco Rebuild Project

I plan to rebuild my car after i save the money for all the parts and tools.
This is the first car i ever got for $720. Unfortunatly its a 4cyl. auto. Yes its a hatchback.
Right now im having problems with the tranny, wont shift down from 3rd when in drive and some oil leaking. On top of that it has a huge rust problem. Ive tried looking for a 3cyl. man. in my area but just can't find one. So i just decided to eco mod this one till i can find one.

I plan on doing every thing possible to make this thing possible to this car to make it greener. At least with in a $2500 budget.

Heres a list of what i plan to do.
1. Since I plan to cut off all the rust and fill in the holes, I will seal all the body cracks at the same time.
2. Use weather stripping to seal all hinge points.
3. Side mirror delete.
4. Grill Block
5. Belly Pan
6. Front and rear wheel skirts (Molded from Fiber Glass)
7. Partial Kammback
8. Maybe shorter spring coils to lower it
9. Flat Huvcaps

1. Mpg gauge (of course)
2. Aftermarket cruise control
3. Direct Air intake (maybe not sure if its good for mpg)
4. Advance ignition timing
5. Block heater
6. Alternator delete (if i can find a way to generate energy with out it)

Also I will do some weight reduction

Before i start my rebuild i will get the mpg gauge and document it. I will also pull out digital camera and take some pics of the car. And i wont forget to get pics during the rebuild.

If anyone else has some input or ideas of what else I can do to it to get better mpg.

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