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Originally Posted by Tesseract View Post
First off, I've been following this thread off and on since it started. Paul is hilarious, and I am actually kinda touched that you all pulled it off... even if lots of the dirty work was actually done by Fran Sabolich
Completely agree

Originally Posted by Tesseract View Post
So, I simply ask that you folks not speculate so much on what's inside the Soliton1 because, well, making it is how I make a living, and not even a remotely lavish one at that. If EVnetics is going to be a financial success then it will be from making other products besides EV motor controllers.
Damm i just lost a massive post.

Hi Tesseract, sorry It wasn't my intention to reverse engineer the Soliton1. I was intruiged as to "Cutting edge capacitor: Special purpose high reliability/low loss 600V film capacitor. No electrolytic capacitors are used in power stage. "

When i asked which type of film cap was being used, i was referring to the types of film caps listed in Wikipedia , not which make, model and spec the one used in your controller is. I'm looking to learn what my options are and select what the best option for my purposes is. Ie high voltage long lasting, and easy to hook up. The fact that your controller used no electrolytic caps is very interesting, as I found the rated lifespan of the electrolytics to be very poor.

Sorry if i caused you anguish, I completely understand why you'd feel that way, as I don't think I expressed myself very well..

I very much appreciate your posts on here and endless-sphere.
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