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I did recently (toward the end of the last tank) increase the tire pressure from the recommended 32 psi to 45 psi. The max on the tire sidewall is 51 psi. I could go up to the max, but the ride is already a little bouncy and has plenty of road noise ... I'll see what it's like at 50 psi after a couple tanks at 45 psi.

On the highway my average is easily over 40 mpg per the scan gauge, easily over 50 mpg on 40 mph speed limit streets, but on the hills I get killed ... I watch my trip (23 miles) average go from 37 to 33 mpg during the last 1.5 miles because of the steep hill with several stop signs (and loads of officers to prevent anyone from rolling the stops).

Still, very happy with the Matrix!
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