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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
But I don't want to get into a huge discussion.
What!? Doubt that's even possible with this group!

Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
The 2002 infiniti weighs almost 500 lbs less than the 4 other sedans that it competed with. lot's of aluminum and alloy. It also got 50 more hp than the next competitor. THey all run 4 to 4.5 liter V8s. The Q also got better mpg than all four. (not a big selling point in this bracket of vehicles)
Without any major mods or hypermiling, I was getting 27mpg on 300 mile trips (epa 23)

my point is that manufacturers can produce cars that are effecient and perform better.
That's a good point, less HP doesn't always equate to better efficiency, but I think in general, a smaller, well built engine would help with better mpg.

Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
as a final thought, I am perplexed by the reference to 1985 numbers.... The mid 80's were a horrible time for cars. Pollution devices were being strapped on with little engineering and thought. that was probably the low point for effecency in american cars.
There was no effecency in the use of materials either.
I think 1985 was used because it was the peak of average MPG for vehicles. But I'm not sure. If that's the case, it still leaves lots of room for questions like: What vehicles does that figure include? It could be that cars are more efficient, but people are driving more trucks and SUVs so the overall figure is down.
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