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the 1985 number is carburators. it is a fantastically twisted fairy tale about injection.

I lived through it. My carbed 90hp subaru is somebody elses 180 today..injections sucking in more fuel than ever...and funny enough within 200 pounds in real weight. it is grotesque to think how stupid they got with real automobiles. they even lie and lie and lie...
The heads up for me was having a 300hp v8 in the 10s at a quarter.. all of a sudden, the numbers in hp started increasing..and not doing a damn bit of difference. Wo. somebody is going mobster about fuel happened in the early 1990s.

The only place I saw hold true about power increases and staying the same fuel mileage is my dads rigs.. from 290- 550+..all 5-7 mpg...and of course, that is showing its true colors with the new v8 diesels by ford and gm.

cars are a hacked retarded midget wizard of oz fantasy in comparison.

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