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I've been through it too, and maybe I misunderstand the fuel injection comments, but I only see benefits to electronic fuel injection in comparison to carbs.

They tried to give the carburetor feedback about how far off the mark it was, and tried to work around newly created problems with gobs of vacuum lines, but it was still guesswork and clunky.

Enter fuel injection. Suddenly it is easy to troubleshoot, just check for a signal, and if that looks right pop out the injector and point it in a glass and see what it does and how much it squirts. No flowbench or mojo required. No fudging with accelerator pumps or automatic chokes or other hacks of endearment.

Suddenly the cars are meeting emission requirements that were not practical with a carb that now resembled a potato trying to have kids. No eyes watering as you wade through huge numbers of unburnt hydrocarbons. Heck, even an occasional clear day in LA.

Now having refined the fuel delivery algorithms, direct injection is commonplace, and the throttle losses for gasoline even does not look necessary for much longer.

Mixture monitoring and control is one of the things computers are pretty good at. Yah, it gets abused by the cry and push for more power, but like most problems, that is a human phenomenon.

What am I missing bgd? have I misinterpreted your position or do you detest fuel injection on (current) technical grounds?
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