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I agree about keeping safety equipment, what I was saying was that we could not reduce the vehicle weight to early 80's weight for our subcompact market. those vehicles were seriously light (thinking japanese here).

Here is my thoughts on FI, it IS the only way for fuel efficiency. Forget the weight that it bears, HCCI engines will give you FE like you never have seen before. Just get that into a 1L or 1.5L engine and on a compact car, manual (no automanual, too heavy). For every pound you drop off the car in components, you drop weight in components. What I mean about that is lighter wheels need lighter springs, lighter car needs lighter springs. Lighter car and springs=lighter torsion bars, mounts, ball joints. Lighter seats, lighter suspension. Lighter bodywork, lighter carpet, electronics, cooling system (4 reduce engine size), reduce reduce reduce reduce

If the pattern is reduction, it is a self fulfilling prophecy. Go figure.
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