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Check your brake lights!

Originally Posted by shiba View Post

Its awesome to hear someone (and i wont mention names ) say "you only used your brakes like 3 times!"

So... I got stopped in NY State the other day, on the way home from Pick-A-Part in Horseheads, NY.

It was a "routine" traffic stop... the officer had been following me for some time, of course, and noted that I hadn't used my "brakes" even one time, including slowing for traffic lights, etc. though a busy part of town... of course, using brilliant deductive logic, he decided that my brake lights MUST be blown out or inop... so he pulled me over.

When I saw his lights come on, I was going about 30 MPH. It takes me only a short time to stop from 30MPH once I shut the engine off, so, once again, I didn't use my brakes - "confirming" his suspicion.

Believe me - I was more than a little annoyed with this particular officer by the time all was said and done, and I may have gotten slightly belligerent with him and his insistence that it's absolutely impossible (!) to stop a vehicle without applying the service or parking brakes. (It was also decidedly wasteful of my time to explain to the officer that parking brakes don't turn on the brake lights, due to the fact that they're designed to hold the vehicle in place while it's stopped and parked... .)

So, after explaining (again) exactly what I did, and showing him that my brake lights were, in fact, operational, he reluctantly let me go with a "warning". I'm not really sure what he was warning me about, because it was clearly a verbal warning. I didn't even get a piece of paper, so I don't have his badge number or anything... Wish I did, cuz he was a mouthy one... I'd more than likely have reported him to higher authorities.

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