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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Christ -

Hee hee. I would have tapped the brakes at the very end so that he knew his argument was moot before he walked up beside my car.

See, I don't ever really think about this - I've never been rear ended doing this, in probably 4-5 years of doing it as often as possible (I hate changing brakes, is all), so I figure that everyone can tell I'm slowing down/stopping, and after awhile, I forgot to hold the brake pedal just past the switch point anymore. Now, I do this instinctively without ever touching the brake pedal.

I just turn the engine off, and start walking the transmission down through the gears. If I come up a little long on the engine braking distance, THAT'S when I use my brakes. It doesn't happen often, because I normally don't need to come to a complete stop anywhere. When the light turns green, I turn the key back on, and begin re-accelerating back to the speed limit. I try to time the lights, but around here, it's killer at times, especially during peak-traffic times.

I guess if this is going to keep happening, I'm going to have to start using the brake pedal a little bit again... that's a shame, though - more electrical load.
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