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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
See, I don't ever really think about this - I've never been rear ended doing this, in probably 4-5 years of doing it as often as possible (I hate changing brakes, is all), so I figure that everyone can tell I'm slowing down/stopping, and after awhile, I forgot to hold the brake pedal just past the switch point anymore. Now, I do this instinctively without ever touching the brake pedal.
I just turn the engine off, and start walking the transmission down through the gears. If I come up a little long on the engine braking distance, THAT'S when I use my brakes. It doesn't happen often, because I normally don't need to come to a complete stop anywhere. When the light turns green, I turn the key back on, and begin re-accelerating back to the speed limit. I try to time the lights, but around here, it's killer at times, especially during peak-traffic times.

I guess if this is going to keep happening, I'm going to have to start using the brake pedal a little bit again... that's a shame, though - more electrical load.
funny you mention the forget. I popped two brake lines a couple of years ago.. and had to use ebrake from highway speed, down to an exit ramp.. instinctively knew to hold the pedal just for the lights. The car has front ebrake cables going to rotors, mechanically operating the piston... I could use ebrake all day for real brakes...but I went rally mode crazy on the old soob.. back brakes to front are balanced, no plow.

last fall, I got hit in the back at a redlight, on a steep hill...stupid driver didn't even acknowledge my lights...goes to show, with or without, something stupid can happen. never count on anything..and stay alert.
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