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I have to start over?
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Manual DFCO, EGR, accessory belt "clutches"

First I'd like to say "hello!" to everyone. I came here because I am extremely into DIY and realized that this forum is quite into that.

I am a young guy in North Texas with a 1986 Jeep Comanche, 4 CYL 2.5L, mated to a 5 speed manual. It has some "All Terrain" 30s on it (same tires as when I got this truck 3 years ago). It is definitely not the best example of fuel frugality, but I believe there is some amazing potential here.

It gets about 18 MPG (yes, compensated for the big tires) and I don't exactly push it to go fast, or be quick off the line. (the fastest I have had it was flirting with 80! Horrors upon horrors! )

Recently I had the whim of putting a switch on the injector (it is a TBI) for DFCO, and for general killing (for EOC, as well) so I went and made a big shift handle that I could put switches in. Right now it has only one hooked up: the injector kill switch. I have been using it for a few days, and I must say that it seems to work quite well (but I still need practice).

The first of my questions is this; when should I be using DFCO. I know I can use it to engine brake and not be using fuel (just making sure I keep it above ~1000 RPM), but I am sure I am missing something.

There are 5 buttons on my new shifter. one is taken up by the injector kill. What else might I use the other 4 for?

I was thinking maybe 2 for EGR: one to force it off, one to force it on, neither active for normal. I put a light bulb on the vacuum valve to see when exactly it is active. What gains would I see by messing with EGR?

Another thing: this truck has P/S. When stopped, it certainly takes a wrestling match to turn the wheel. When moving, it is actually quite nice without P/S (feel the road more)(learned this by EOC). How difficult would it be to find a clutch (like on the AC pump) to put onto the P/S pump?

My, my, my. That is a long post. Certainly left it open for conversation, didn't I?

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