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I have to start over?
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I have been thinking about that actually. If I try to DFCO, I wind up staying in gear much longer (on the gas) because it is not coasting - it is either accelerate or decelerate. If I do neither, I wind up with the engine freewheeling at a higher RPM.

Maybe I won't be DFCO-ing as much as I thought. Don't get me wrong, I never thought I would be using it solely as my "no fuel coasting" but I thought I would use it more.

Redo: it isn't a DFCO switch! It is an engine kill switch for EOC-ing!

I have actually looked into a manual steering box, and from my research, it seems as though one exists, but it must be an elusive endangered species - manual steering! The nerve! Why should I have to use more than one finger to steer!?

Maybe I will look harder for one of those.
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