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I have to start over?
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lol, it doesn't matter what I call it, it does the same thing regardless.

Yesterday I was outside messing with the alternator. The only conclusive knowledge I gained was that my alternator is not reliable. I think it is a problem with the field circuit. Great. I have been charging the battery whenever I am at home, though.

I was thinking of making an alternator kill switch, but something else popped into my mind. I have some wires going from the vacuum valve that controls EGR to inside the cabin, to a light bulb. This makes it so that I can see what the solenoid is doing. Here's the breakdown: light on with cold engine, or engine idling/using very little power. Light off when I accelerate (even a little bit) on a warm engine.

This seems to me to be the perfect place to tap into for an "automatic" alternator de-fielding. I may still want it on a switch.

My AC pump is, thankfully, only on with certain settings. I think. I am not sure about defrost, but I know it is on for AC use! The pump is easy to disable. Sometimes it disables itself. The little wire going to the clutch comes unplugged from time to time (ah, yes, the olden days of cars with one wire signals).

Electric P/S. Not so sure about that one. Sounds like it will be more expensive than other choices, like going to straight manual.
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