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A nuclear powered electric car would be good - although it would be interesting whenever there was a car crash!. I for one would support nuclear power over fossil fuels. If we had used nuclear power from the start, we would have a huge pile of extremely dangerous spent nuclear fuel, which will be toxic for 10s / 100s of thousands of years, but at least we wouldn't be melting all the ice caps, increasing global temperatures, and maybe even starting a runaway greenhouse effect. Even if you took all that nuclear waste and had a bad accident, there is no way you could damage as much land as will vanish once the ice sheets in Antarctica melt!

I like the idea of an electric trike - I'm thinking seriously about one of these too. I would plan to make it with a metal welded frame, and coroplast for a lot of the 'bodywork', and would make it sort of teardrop shaped for efficiency, and would make it covered so you can drive it in the rain. One issue would be to make it quite tough underneath, and have a seatbelt (which you can remove after a crash)... so that if some mad car driver tries to hit you (e.g. doesn't notice you), you can make an emergency detour off the road into the bush!
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