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Originally Posted by COcyclist View Post
I don't know about your particular Mazda diesel but I cut off the muffler on my VW diesel and replaced it with a straight pipe, with no real increase in noise. The cat-converter and the turbo quiets the exhaust noise nicely. It may make the turbo more efficient but I didn't see any significant gains in mpg or power. I think the upgraded exhaust may be more of an issue if you are boosting the power on your diesel than it is for high mpg at light engine loads. I deleted the muffler primarily to make more room for a belly pan install.
if it makes the turbo more efficient then you dont have to step on the gas pedal as hard or as long to get to speed that will increase your mpg.
exhaust mods help your top end power and efficiency
intake mods help your lower end power and efficiency

i would recommend a 3" exhaust for a turboed vehicle.
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