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Originally Posted by ted frater View Post
Can I call on the collective wisdom for help. What difference does it make to throw away the makers exhaust system and fit a larger bore burgess type straight thru silencer. the initial pipe dia out of the turbo is 2,3/4in then it finally comes down to 1,3/4 at the tail pipe.
This would be into to my 97 , mazda RF turbo diesel intercooled vitara?
Theres no point in doing this if the difference is likely to be minmal.
So far,to my knowledge,no one has done a scientific investigation on exhaust systems modification.
If you would like to be the first it would be great.
You would first need to drill and install pressure taps along the entire length of the exhaust system,at every transition,in every component,stem to stern.
Secondly,you would need to operate your car on a chassis dynamometer under all transient load and steady load conditions,constructing a complete manometer histogram of the exhaust system,normalized to standard temperature and barometric pressure,while simultaneously recording horsepower.
After which,you would repeat the process with the modified exhaust system,and after data reduction,compare the two sets of data to ascertain at which point the modification yielded a beneficial performance enhancement.
Short of all this,it would be very difficult to know any specifics.
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