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Oregonian trapped in Washington

Hi all. My name is Adam and I live in Mt. Vernon, WA. I'm a Portland native though and am sorta trapped up here because of my soon-to-be wife. I drive a 95 Geo Metro 2-door 5-speed hatchback. I've only had my Geo for about a month or so and every tank I'm getting better and better fuel economy. Slowly I'm working my way to a goal of atleast 60 MPG by doing various mods to my Geo. So far the only thing I've really done is some basic maintenance and added a front grille block-off. My last fill-up was 45.2 MPG, which was 1.8 MPG better than my last fill-up. I drive about 400 miles a week, so it all adds up really fast when you consider my Geo replaced a 20 MPG Subaru. Anyways, that's me. I'll post up pictures tonight when I get home from work.

One last thing, how do I enter my MPG stats in the garage? I've added my Geo but I can't seem to figure out how to input my mileage and FE.


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