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I was told to go to this forum by the nissanclub sense I guess fuel effeciency is a boring subject OO.
Anyways I have a nissan Altima 2000 gxe manual. And I'm attempting to try and atleast get it to a good average 30mpg. So far I put a ecu booster and short ram air intake system in and sadly it went from 24.31 to 25.94 :/. I understand its not the ideal fuel effecient vehicle but i was hoping there some good budgeted techniques I could employ to improve. Driving tips are greatly a good idea however its my fiance driving it at the moment and she doesnt really listen to me when it comes to telling her how to use it. The only two things I had in consideration were a cat-back system and possible trying to replace the o2 sensor. But hopefully you guys might know a more effective boost for the vehicle for around the same price. I would love to use a hydrogen cell system but unfortanately its out of my budget range.

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