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Originally Posted by oscar View Post
I may very well be interested; I have a lot to do to get my ZX40S running. It needs batteries worest of all and then I don't know if there might be other problems. Moreover since buying it used and not running (most batteries "popped") I live in north GA (Cleveland). best regards, oscar
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Ah, thats too bad, these cars should have a bold lable on the batteries that say

"If batteries have sat more than one month trickle charge each battery then discharge each battery slowly before use."

Those miles batteries last forever but only if you use them all the time.

Your best bet (although not for range) is a set of 6 8v batteries, 3 in the rear tub and 3 up front, you need to cut the rear tabs off the battery front tray and add a few pieces of flat metal stock to do it right. Then just strap them in

Its too bad no one who has an inop EV lives nearby, I wouldn't mind helping fix a few of these birds myself.

But since you have nothing to loose and already popped the matting, my recommendation is to pop the tops on the AGM batteries (they are flooded AGMS) then add a small amount of water to each cell inside the battery, then duct tape the cover back on and charge very slowly for about a day with a trickle charger then discharge very slowly with a flashlight battery or a small 12v light.

This device works well for the endevor of both charging and discharging the batteries if you like living dangerously and building your own charger.


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