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I haven't gotten very far, I have all kinds of excuses! work picked up a bit, spent a number of days trying to relearn the art of making glass marbles, then I've also been selling off vehicles that I don't need any more (old zap E-bike, Puch moped, Yamaha R5, vw rabbit) to make a better budget to buy ANTHER ELECTRIC CAR! this time a CommutiCar (similar to the CitiCar, only newer), I'll have that home Friday, took it for a test drive last weekend, it's pretty! 2,800 miles, was owned by the HMV FreeWay so they could do tests and research with it, apparently they traded one of the 4 electric HMV FreeWays ever built to the CommutiCar company to get this thing, so it's been stored in side it's whole life, has 2 year old batteries that are in ok shape, the gauges have some loose wires so that is the first thing to fix, but everything else appears to work fine, so I should have it on the road in about a week.
my Citicar... the garage is still cramped "because there is mud in the driveway" so I haven't gotten any work done on the brakes yet, then I plan to work on the body, then the drive train, the motor runs if hooked to 12v battery, but the body is going to take a good amount of time.
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