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scenic - '01 renault scenic
90 day: 43.09 mpg (US)

megane - '97 renault megane classic
90 day: 72.53 mpg (US)

dennisius - '06 Toyota Prius
Team Toyota
90 day: 69.27 mpg (US)
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YKYAEM when your best MPG is 9 months old and the only reason you don't fill-up immediately to know if you are beating it is that you also want to beat your longest tank as soon as possible...

YKYAEM when you look at you in the mirror in the morning and you tell yourself that you gonna beat your best MPG & longest tank with your current tank, but in the evening you are searching for a quick and dirty mod to do to maximize your chances.

Save money & CO2 at home :
Created and managed by the creators of
Earth and health are priceless, so are kilotank and AT-PZEV
Best Mégane tank: 1268.9mi @ 77.847 MPG(US)
2008/06-2011/10 saving:
  • 5725.5 kg CO2 (5342.6+382.9)
  • Diesel / Money: 42.17% = 2446.25€ = 3357.26$

megane : thread - kill switch.
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