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It's Back

Well, I ended up sending the controller back to China for them to test. They said that something went wrong with the opti-coupler. The tech told me that it probaly happened while charging the batteries and that the pre charge resistor should not be connected while charging even though their wiring instructions showed to hard wire it over the main contactor terminals so the controller sees the full pack voltage all the time. I wondered about hard wiring it because I had used a 40 watt light bulb mounted inside the car when I had my Open Revolt controller in the car. It really worked pretty well, turn the key to turn on the pre charge resistor, wait for the light to go out, then turn on the main contactor. Anyway, I got the controller back yesterday and hopefully I will get it all hooked up tonight. I will put a switch on the precharge resistor so I can disconnect it while charging. I'll keep you all posted.

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