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serial speed and battery amp data

Originally Posted by adamj12b View Post
When the controller is started up, you send the command rtd-period #, where # is an interval setting in milliseconds.

The output string is a fixed format and it looks like :

TR=000 CR=000 CF=000 PW=000 HS=000 RT=0000 FB=00 BA=000 AH=000.0

Where you have:

TR = Controllers calculated throttle position. 0-511
CR = Controllers current reference based on throttle and other factors. 0-511
CF = Current feedback from LEM current sensor 0-511
PW = PWM duty cycle of controller 0-511
HS = Heat-sink Temp in raw ADC counts 0-1023
RT = Raw Throttle counts from the ADC 0-1023
FB = Fault Bits. Hex output with each fault and status code. Normal 00
BA = Calculated Battery amps 0-511
AH = Calculated Amp Hours consumed 0-999.9

The default output is through the serial port. 19200,8,N,1.

If you need some more info, feel free to email me directly.

I plan on using RTD Explorer for the initial setup and testing of the controller, but once that is done I would like to connect the serial output to my bms. I need to set the output to 9600,8,N,1 as this is all the BMS can handle. How do I do this and will RTD Explorer still be able to connect at this slower speed if I need to make adjustments?

The only thing the bms needs to know is the BA value, can I just get the controller to send that by itself? Is there a command I could send from the bms to get the battery amp current?

Thanks in advance, Greg
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