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Originally Posted by Greg Fordyce View Post
I plan on using RTD Explorer for the initial setup and testing of the controller, but once that is done I would like to connect the serial output to my bms. I need to set the output to 9600,8,N,1 as this is all the BMS can handle. How do I do this and will RTD Explorer still be able to connect at this slower speed if I need to make adjustments?

The only thing the bms needs to know is the BA value, can I just get the controller to send that by itself? Is there a command I could send from the bms to get the battery amp current?

Thanks in advance, Greg
Hi Greg,

To change the serial connection settings would require modifying the firmware and recompiling it. It would certainly work at a slower speed, but you will not be able to use RTD Explorer. RTD Explorer is hard coded to only work at the current speed. It was not meant to be changed because this is the best speed that you can get the most amount of real time data out of the controller.

Again, To make the controller send only BA, RTD Explorer would fail. BA is only put out through the real time data string. This string is what makes RTD Explorer work.

When you are ready and make the changes to the firmware for the serial speed, I can compile a version with the new settings for you. But, if the RTD string changes, I will not be able to help. Contact me by PM when you are ready!!

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You can download RTD Explorer for the Cougar controllers at
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