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Ordered the 15" Flat Racing hupcaps yesterday...

When I bought the 15" pizza pans they were too small, needed the 16" pans to fit my 15" steel wheels correctly. So now my wife has 4 new 15" pizza pans in her kitchen.

Gave up and going the cheap route and paid $90 bucks on Ebay.

I reinstalled the upper grill block but did it behind the grille this time. My prior grille block was just a old tee shirt stretched over the removable grille. Pulled tight and stapled behind grille then sprayed with old paint I had a few times. Got my best yet MPG that way, 35.8 hwy. This current grille block is not as aero as the 1st one.

Today or tomorrow I may just go ahead and use expanding foam to make a flush to the fender to the hood line grille block. Plan is to line bumper area where removable grille sits with aluminum foil. Pop back in grille. Tape foil covered cardboard flush to the bumper up over the grille flush to the grille. Then spray expanding foam from the back of grille thru to fill in the entire area. Hoping it results in a full grille block that is smooth and flush with bumper up to the hood. I will then again cover the whole thing with black fabric.

If all goes as planned the entire grille will still be easily removed.

Of course there is the possibility the grille will be stuck in there too!


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