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I get the same thing with my FLAs. Right now if I measure from my 108 volt lead to ground I get 56.8 volts. I can feel it if I hold the lead and touch ground with my forearm. I can't really feel it if I use both hands (caloused hands). I tried to see if it was enough current to light a 12 volt bulb. It wasn't. I have found that as you measure down the battery chain, you will find the guilty culprit. About the middle of my pack I have a battery that measures 6.4 volts (6 volt battery) from positive to negative terminals. But from positive terminal to ground is a positive 5.8 volts and from negative terminal to ground is a negative .8 volts. This has happened to me before, and I just pulled that battery and cleaned it really good with baking soda/water solution, and the problem went away- for a while.

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