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The VX - '92 Honda Civic VX
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Name submission= The Savin' Wagon

Mods (real world):
  • Warm air intake
  • Port matching
  • De-carbonizing treatment
  • synthetic oil
  • Tube header with anti-reverb steps and low restriction exhaust system (basically replace the muffler)
  • Water injection
  • PCV catch can (home made of course)
  • Delete A/C and remove ALL components
  • Remove all unnecessary brackets/braces from the engine bay (good weight savings)

  • Taller final drive ratio
  • Synthetic trans fluid
  • Fresh bearings if need be

  • Small boat tail
  • Remove factory roof rack (if not removed already)
  • Replace side mirrors with smaller/more aerodynamic ones
  • Coroplast/Rain gutter side skirts
  • Flush mounted grill block
  • Get those nice smooth looking headlights (if they aren't already on there)
  • Fill seams with caulking
  • Make a small cowl for windshield wipers or remove windshield wipers if allowed by law
  • Front air dam or under pan
  • Rear wheel skirts
  • Front wheel skirts using basjoos's design
  • Recess or remove the outer door handles

  • Lower the vehicle by either getting Escort lowering springs or cutting OEM ones
  • Install sway bars or larger sway bars (to allow for faster cornering speed)
  • Replace wheel bearings and inject with synthetic grease for LRR

  • If 13" wheels fit: 155/80/13 LRR tires all around otherwise 155/80/14
  • Smooth hubcaps made out of the racing hubcaps or Coroplast or pizza pans
  • Aluminum rims if you can find some lightweight smooth designs

  • Remove all unnecessary seats/panels/speakers/radio
  • Remove sound deadening
  • Remove spare tire/jack/tools replace with a fix-a-flat can or two
  • Tint your windows to the darkest legal limit if you live in a hot climate

  • ScanGauge II
  • EFIE thing or whatever their called to modify the O2 signal

Driver Mods:
  • Tweak your driving habits or course
  • =

I'll get working on a photochop to display some of the exterior mods and post it up in a day or two.

Just for fun:

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