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let me reiterate my situation, and be specific about it. (wow, that sounds really stuck up...not meant to be, not even upset. just filling everyone in)

i am 17 and looking for a car. i worked for a while to get myself a cool car(92 camaro). i have since grown bored of the car, seeing as i can never really afford gas in it. 305 w/5speed earns you about 22 mpg if you are easy on it, but being 17, i can't be easy on it, so i am dropping $40 a week into the tank for minimal driving. i have decided to move on to a gas efficient car(i am hooked on little gas cars, as per my first car, the ol' 86 escort), and found this in my virtual travels, and decided it would be a fun, original car to have, and still have the ability to have it be a "project", while i drive around in my buick century, racking up ~20 mpg. i have since been fired, and do not have any more profit than what my babysitting will bring me this summer. in which case, i need a car cheap on gas that would carry me and my 2 nieces. and by DD, i mean i eventually intend to own only the metro. that being said, i do NOT own the metro yet, so i have no idea what the rear (seat) area looks like, so i don't know if a bucket/bench seat would work, or if just padding on the raised part (if there is one, idk). and then the mounting of seatbelt(s), how would that be? i would have to assume SOMEONE here has a metro convertible, if so would you be able to post me a picture(s) of the back area?

...hey, just found THIS in the "similar threads" wjdennis around anymore?

(also, offtopic, but is ther a way a mod could disable my "safety mode where i can't see stuff till 10 posts? another forum i am in had that capability)

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